I prayed for your father to die – Afia Schwar tells Mzbel

The comedian Afia Schwar, known for stirring up controversy, has said she wishes for Mzbel’s father’s death.
After years of being close companions, Mzbel and Afia Schwar are now sworn rivals. Never ones to let a chance pass without taking a dig at each other, the two have never stopped trading barbs.

Afia Schwar, in a new video, says she begged for the death of Mzbel’s father. Afia says that he went to a Lashibi graveyard and called on the spirits of the dead in order to kill Mzbel’s father.

Afia Schwar claims that Mzbel made fun of her after her father died a year ago.

You may recall that Mzbel made fun of Afia Schwar after the death of her father. The expression “Dada dawa si” is one of Afia Schwar’s most infamous catchphrases, and she used it as a mockery.

Source: TwinkleTag.com