Top 5 tips for a killer email marketing strategy

If you are looking for an awesome email marketing strategy that will provide you with more than a few sales or leads then you are in the right place. 

In we have currently more than 6000 clients that are sending campaigns every single day. Out of the 6000, we see a few companies that are absolutely killing it. So we paid very close attention to the 1% of them and wrote down what are they doing differently, so you can benefit from it.

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1. Create an awesome lead magnet

The most successful companies are not just waiting for new contacts to fall into their lap. They understand that in order to have a large enough audience, they need to provide them with awesome content, that will be interesting enough for them to subscribe to their emails. 

It might seem like a waste of time and money to create something totally for free and then spend money on promoting it. But it cant be further from the truth. The latest stats show that in order to sell something to someone online you need to make 7 touches with them. That means that your clients need to see on average 7 ads to be ready to buy.

Now you want to know the crazy part? If you provide them with value the number goes down to 4. It’s because when we get something for free and we see the value, we end up in a hole in the company’s content that we consume over and over again. After a certain period of time, we, as the content consumers, see the company as a market leader and we want to get or achieve what are they promoting.

So when we decide to buy, we know where to go. That’s why creating amazing lead magnets is so powerful. And if you really want it to work, create a new piece of content every month or every week, to get the best results. Now it might seem like a lot of work, but you will see its worth.

Let me give you a few ideas of where you can start:

  1. Guide on how to achieve or create a desired outcome with your product
  2. How to solve a painful problem that your clients are facing
  3. 5 steps to be better at what you are selling
  4. How to achieve the desired outcome without the painful problem
  5. How did someone that done it achieved the desired outcome in a certain period of time

2. Master automated sequences

We understand that you are a business owner, not a robot. Nowadays, is totally unnecessary to do repetitive work yourself. Use automation to make everything work perfectly without you getting involved in the process.

Prepare campaigns that automatically trigger when someone signs up for your lead magnet. You can start by focusing on a few first steps:

  1. When they receive what you promised, welcome them! Send them an exciting email about what you do and what they can look forward to. This is also the perfect time to redirect them to more content or lowball offers that they just can’t say no to.
  2. Show them that you are real. When they start to be familiar with you they still have doubts. You need more social proof. Send them success stories of your client or video testimonials where they mention your name, show the product they bought, and show their gratitude. Sometimes it’s really hard to collect these testimonials. But do everything in your power to get them. A video testimonial is 1000x more valuable than a written one, even if it’s a verified one.
  3. Invite them to your event or to be part of your community. We are social creatures and we want to belong. If you are doing any events, invite your leads to come and visit. Seeing you in person will give them enough confidence to become lifelong customers. If you are working on a more global scale, create a Facebook group where you will invite everyone to be part of the community. Post regular posts, ask questions and try to make this group of people involved.

A few tips to get started:

  1. Start small with automation, but start. Create welcome automation for your client and contacts from lead magnets. After you see a few things working, tweak them and adapt them based on how it performs.
  2. Make your automation personal. Creating automated communication doesn’t mean making it sound like a robot. Make it personal, use tags to use their name or tags for when and why they joined your list.
  3. When you are ready, activate the beast mode. Once you get familiar with automation, start experimenting with more advanced types: Abandoned shopping carts, Retention campaigns, Reactivation campaigns, Birthday wishes, Discounts on the first purchase, and so on.

3. Stay in touch with your contacts and drown them in value

Many companies make the mistake of getting in touch with contacts and trying to sell them something right away. If they don’t buy, they often stop communicating immediately.

But as we saw in previous tips it takes many touch points to convert a cold stranger into a happy customer. So don’t hesitate and create more content, more blog posts, and even more amazing stuff where your customers can get inspiration or value. They will highly appreciate it and remember you because of that.

It doesn’t have to be a crazy 20-page ebook. You can just send a quick tip that they can read in the subway or when they are bored. 

A few tips on where to get started:

  1. Collect feedback from your customers and send out tips that solve their problems
  2. Inspire them. Maybe create a quick 1-minute video showing how to make a great snack or how to use something broken to create something new. 
  3. Share a tip that you learned recently from other companies
  4. Show some great improvements they can make to/with your product

4. Go for the kill

You should provide value or you should sell. And if you are going to sell, sell hard. Most companies focus on selling between the lines. They provide some content and btw. check out products. It’s definitely not bad to do it this way, but great results come from saying exactly what you want.

You should follow the 3:1 rule. 3 pieces of education or entertaining content and 1 selling message. This way you will still be giving enough value to build your brand and market leader position without sacrificing your revenue.

Be clever with the segmentation. Use different sales strategies to sell to regular customers and cold newcomers. Regular customers will respond nicely to refilling purchases with products that you can use up or you can offer them new versions or upsells. First-time customers will better respond to limited-time offers or discounts.

A few tips where you can start:

  1. Segment your list into groups – regular customers, past customers, newcomers
  2. Use different sales arguments for these segments
  3. Create a no-brainer deal and make your profit on upsells
  4. Start calculating metrics like LTV, and AOV to know your room for acquiring customers

5. Discipline is the key to success

Well, you can listen to all of this and in the end, do nothing. The best marketing strategy is simply persistent and focused. It’s much better to do something poorly than not do anything at all. You will try a few things which you will learn from and after that, you can grow from it and make it better.

Pick out just one thing from this video and do it today. You will not regret it. That is the main difference between the 99% and the top 1% of our customers. They try a lot of things, follow the results, and make their communication better over time.

Now you have 2 options. You can go and try to find a way how to create all of this on your own, or you can create a 100% free account with We will give you a 14-day free trial on any plan and you can create all of this in where is everything prepared for you and we are also more than happy to help! 

Give it a shot, you literally have nothing to lose. Looking forward to seeing you on the other side in!

Written by Timothy Egger

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