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Your Best Guideline to Start Meditation Routine

Meditation is a practice that aims to train the mind to focus and attain a state of calmness. Through meditation, the mind and body become connected, offering numerous benefits for stress relief and overall health maintenance.

While meditation may initially seem daunting with its requirement for concentration and specialized techniques, it is accessible to individuals of all ages. Rest assured that anyone can learn the art of meditation to quiet the mind and promote inner calm.

During periods of high stress, the body releases hormones that elevate heart rate, blood flow, and blood pressure. Meditation serves to counteract these effects by reducing heart rate and blood flow, allowing them to gradually return to normal levels. Additionally, meditation has been shown to activate brain waves associated with improved concentration, memory, and awareness. It is also believed to generate positive emotions, fostering a sense of happiness.

Interested in trying meditation? Consider the following guidelines before beginning your practice!

1. Determine Your Goal

Start by identifying the reason behind your desire to meditate. Is it to alleviate stress, reduce negative thoughts, or enhance creativity? Establishing your focus will facilitate the process of calming the mind and engaging in meditation.

2. Choose an Ideal Environment

Find a suitable room or space to meditate. Avoid areas with a high volume of people. Turn off the television, silence your phone, and eliminate any sources of distraction. If playing soft music or lighting aromatherapy candles helps you relax, feel free to incorporate them. The key is to create a comfortable and serene environment that promotes tranquility in your mind before commencing meditation.

3. Wear Comfortable Attire

Ensure that you wear loose and comfortable clothing while meditating, as tight or restrictive garments can hinder concentration. Set an alarm to determine the duration of your meditation session. For beginners, a short session of around 5 to 10 minutes is sufficient. Over time, as you become more accustomed to meditation, you can gradually increase the duration of your sessions.

4. Relax Your Body

Close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose, exhaling slowly. Repeat this deep breathing exercise for a few minutes until your body feels completely relaxed. Visualize positive energy entering your body with each inhale, and as you exhale, imagine all stress and disturbing thoughts dissipating.

5. Focus on Breathing

Concentrate on your breath as it becomes the focal point for attaining calmness and concentration. The basic breathing technique in meditation involves inhaling through the nose and exhaling slowly through the mouth.

Maintain a regular rhythm in your inhalation and exhalation. Feel the sensation of breath moving through your chest, shoulders, and down to your stomach. Keep your attention on the flow of blood throughout your body. To facilitate easier breathing, lower your chin to your chest, allowing your chest to expand and airway passage to open. Maintain concentration by counting your breaths.

6. Body Scan

Conduct a thorough scan of your body from head to toe, noticing any areas that feel uncomfortable or in pain. Perhaps you have a stiff neck or tense shoulders. Direct your focus and shower these areas with self-love and kind thoughts. Calm yourself and express gratitude to your body for being a remarkable support system.

This practice will promote a deeper connection with your body, as we often neglect its signals of discomfort or pain due to busy schedules.

7. Conclude Gradually

When your alarm sounds, slowly open your eyes. Take a moment to observe your surroundings and assess how your body feels in the present moment. Conclude your session by acknowledging your thoughts and emotions.

Regular meditation practice can bring both physical and emotional benefits, providing a sense of calmness and peace. If you are interested in incorporating meditation into your daily routine, you should shop for simple tools to help you achieve focus easily during your meditation process.

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