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Family gives boyfriend deadline to present all the items in the bride price list else they’ll take their daughter from him

An unusual bride price list has taken over social media trends and stirred massive reactions in the process.
As we all know, in typical African society, the man is expected to present a certain list of carefully chosen items to the family of the bride before he’s given the green light to wed his lover.

Initially, the items in the bride’s price list were not excessively expensive and considerate because most families believed they are not selling their child to the groom.

But now, most parents see it as a cash cow and have even gone to the extreme of even deadlines for it.Some families charge as high as over 100, 000 cedis just for the bride price alone.

In these trending pictures, over 50 items were listed for the man to present including a V8 car as well as a pharmacy.

It’s estimated that the items in the list will cost over Ghc 100,000.

Alot of social media users who have come across the list have advised the guy to cancel the marriage to save himself from willingly walking into the lion’s den.

Because the lady’s family have shown their true colours (Gold diggers) even before the wedding

Take a look at the fast-circulating bride price list below