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Ghanaians descend on Hajia Bintu for pinning all women as ‘sex symbols’

Famed Ghanaian Tiktoker and brand influencer, Hajia Bintu – Has come under severe condemnation for pinning all ladies as sex symbols during her most recent interview with Delay.
During the interview, Hajia Bintu admitted that her curvaceous endowment is one of her greatest assets as a woman which is why she capitalises on it big time.

The Ghanaian socialite and influencer whose claim to fame is her backside on the internet categorically stated “Every woman is a sex symbol” and that flaunting what she has to get what she wants is not illegal.According to Hajia Bintu, her reach to social media users was very low when she set out at a very young age, irrespective of the number of video content she was churning out.

But her breakthrough came when she began to post videos aggrandising her butt and curves.Even though Bintu is a trained nurse, today, these enviable endowments are the cash cow fetching her endorsement deal and properties as she previously revealed she does not work.

Following this controversial opinion from Hajia Bintu, a set of disappointed social media users have taken her to the cleaners.

According to these netizens, Hajia Bintu is subtly encouraging ladies to stop working and join the ‘ashawo business’.

Steve Wayward on Facebook for instance commented – So sad,I use what I have to get what I want means telling the world she is damn Ashawo as professional slay Queen Pity for some women that did not

Had father Love but channel their heart

Looking for Love but never comes and turn


Below are some of the other popular comments gathered under Hajia Bintu’s ‘every woman is a sex symbol’ submission.

Alfred Hilton – Asked those who went to Abidjan,,nd Lagos they were having more than what you claim you have,,but what happened,,,be wise up yare w) h),,yooooo

Osei B. Emmanuel – Ashawo professional

Nhyiraba Eddie – Oluwa is involved” ;”it’s been God from day one”; “atanfo nny? nyame” ;”God’s child”; “atanfo b3ko low battery”; “the charcoal seller’s child”; “from grease to grace”; started with 1gh”; “small girl with big God” ;”say say whaaattttt”. Eiii these people and their terms!

Samuel Mawuena Kwasi – “Sex Symbol” is that the botenical name for Ashawo?

Serwaah Maame – Continue to use what you have to get what you want. It will be over you go ask your mate hajia for real. Showing off everything and saying everything on social media will land you in trouble so continue Madam tundra hipsy.