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Hunger and jaundice killed Ahuofe as manager chopped all his 3 million followers Tiktok money – Report

Ghanaian entertainer Ahuofe is said to have been taken advantage of by his manager, who is said to have kept all of the money from his fame for himself.A report says that the manager stole all of Ahuofe’s money, even though he couldn’t read or write, and didn’t feed him or take care of his health.

Ahuofe reportedly always complained of being hungry and also had anaemia and jaundice, both of which were made worse by his claimed drug use.

Although Ahuofe had over 3 million followers on Tiktok and consistently produced content, suggesting that he was earning good money, these were problems his manager could have easily resolved but allegedly chose not to.Ahuofe also seems to have expressed dissatisfaction with being taken advantage of, but because he was illiterate and ill, he didn’t look into other alternatives.Tragic news regarding Ahuofe’s passing broke out earlier this week in the entertainment industry.

Nevertheless, it seems as though it might have been avoided if he had someone watching out for his interests rather than a parasitic manager.