Husband of the woman who went naked during a TikTok live allegedly divorces her

Married Ghanaian woman simply identified on TikTok as Franca has reportedly been divorced by her husband following her trending naked TikTok video.
Franca who reportedly has 4 kids with the last one being just 9 months old went live on Tiktok to show off her nakedness in the presence of her husband who appears to be naive about social media.

As seen in the fast-trending clip, Franca was sleeping next to her husband on their matrimonial bed when she decided to interact with her followers on TikTok.

During the infamous interaction, she decided to show some flesh after she was dared by one of her followers.In the bid to prove that she’s a hardcore woman, Franca who was wearing nothing but had a piece of blanket covering her nakedness decided to take it off and show her tonga, raw bortos and breasts.

Initially, Franca never envisioned that the short clip will take over social media trends and have a negative impact on her marriage but unfortunately, her fears have come to pass.

Netizens who have come across the video have advised Franca’s husband to immediately divorce her because she doesn’t respect him.This stems from the fact that while France was naked on TikTok, her husband was sleeping beside her and even tried covering her nakedness but Franca removed the blanket to show her raw flesh.

Well, new reports which are currently fast circulating on TikTok allege that Franca’s husband has left home and annulled their marriage in the process.

This report could be false hence we are digging deep for more evidence. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.


Written by Siraj

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