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Landlord Flogged Publicly After He Was Caught Sleeping With Tenants Second Wife

After being caught sleeping with his tenant’s second wife, a Tanzanian landlord was publicly flogged and fined a lot of money.The shocking thing is said to have happened in the village of Kibwera in the Geita district of the country’s Geita province.

According to a report by Millard Ayo, Katayo Bote was publicly caned and fined over KSh 11,000.

Emmanuel Ndalawa, Katayo’s heartbroken tenant who has two wives, said he realized that his second and younger wife had been getting too close to the landlord since they moved into his house.

Ndalawa who lives in the same house with his two wives said he caught his lover and the Katayo in her room getting intimate.

It is reported that the village chairman Simion Kisinza confirmed the incident, saying it was reported to the leadership of the village and they decided to punish Katayo to serve as a deterrent to others.

Katayo is said to be noted for sleeping with other men’s wives and it appears the residents could not tolerate his immoral conduct anymore.

In related news, a 37-year-old Kenyan man was arrested after a 48-year-old woman he inherited following the death of her husband, died while they were having sexual intercourse in the bush.

The incident occurred on Sunday, March 19, in a town in Kenya’s Homa Bay County called Mbita after the couple had gone on a drinking spree.

The suspect inherited the deceased, identified as Milca, in line with traditions following the death of her husband.

After chilling in town for some time, the couple hired a motorcycle and headed home to rest. However, after alighting at Got Rateng, a village a few metres from home, they could not control their libido until they got home, so they decided to hide in a nearby bush to have sex.

Unfortunately, during the romp, Milca died mysteriously and the suspect carried her body and partially buried it in the sand.

The corpse which had no sign of injuries was later discovered and deposited at Homa Bay County Referral Hospital mortuary for a postmortem exam.