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Man to call off wedding after his wife-to-be told him she’s done 17 abortions

After discovering that his bride had 17 abortions, a Nigerian man has decided to call off his wedding as deduced from a post shared on social media.

Before getting married, the man and his prospective wife apparently chose to reveal their past antics so they could better understand what they were getting into.

On that score, the lady told him that her body count is over 10 but what unsettles him the most is that she has done 17 abortions and he doesn’t think he can go on with the wedding.

He wrote:

“I’ve been in a stable relationship for two years and I never a asked my girlfriend of her past. I proposed marriage to her three weeks ago and she said yes. Just four days ago, we were talking and we decided to share our pasts. I didn’t mind her body count and all, even though it was too much for me (a little more than 10). The deal breaker was, this woman has had seventeen abortions in her past.

Seventeen abortions! She’s a good person undoubtedly but with this kind of past, the marriage has just left my mind. I’ve been with just two people my entire life and Wye had sEX with just one. It’s not like I was looking for a woman with a past like mine, but this one is just two much. Not the body count, but the abortions? Seventeen abotions? Nah I can’t”