My 11-year-old daughter is infatuated with another girl – Wanlov on LGBTQ+ controversy


Kubolor is one of the few celebrities in Ghana who has championed the activities of the LGBT community over the years. He is of the opinion that people should be allowed to practice what they want if it doesn’t affect the country negatively.
Speaking with GhanaWeb’s Doreen Abanema Abayaa on the Talkertainment show, Wanlov disclosed how his daughter is infatuated with another female.

According to him, he sees nothing wrong with his daughter liking another girl. He disclosed that he fully supports his daughter’s right to love whomever she wants, regardless of gender. He disclosed that the mother of his daughter informed him and gave him his support.

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“I have a daughter who is currently infatuated with another girl. I don’t see anything wrong with that. She likes this girl, and that’s what her mother told me. She is eleven,” he disclosed.