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Police officer shot dead while having intercourse with his sidechick inside the bush

A 60-year-old South African police officer whose name has been given as Judas Chiloane and who was traffic chief in Bushbuckridge was murdered while having sex with his side chick inside the bush.

According to reports, the police officer was allegedly shot twice in the back seat of his Ford Ranger bakkie, but his lover, with whom he was reportedly having sex, was unharmed.

At the moment, two suspects have been arrested in connection with the death.

The suspects’ names have been given as Charles Mbungeni Mabuza and Howard Mashego.
“The two men told us that they would normally go to the spot near Graskop Road [where Chiloane was shot dead] to rob couples who use the area to engage in jola-joling [sex] in their cars,”

They snatched his gun before firing shots at his thigh and upper body. His lover raised the alarm before his colleague police officers arrived and realized he was dead.

“They shot him in the leg. He tried to escape to the driver’s side, and he has shot again. The officer tried to speed off for about 124 meters but succumbed due to injuries sustained. It seemed like the suspect took his firearm and other items and fled,” a source said.

The late Chiloane’s brother, Richard, said he was a good Christian who loved his family and that his death came to them as a surprise.