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Raz-Kids Reading Resources Helps Students Level Up to Better Reading

The goal of the award-winning Raz-Kids online reading program is to help children become better readers and to foster a lifelong love of reading. It belongs to the Learning A-Z family of educational tools, which includes a wide variety of options for educators and their students.

Reading Levels

Raz-Kids has an extensive collection of interactive eBooks for kids of all reading abilities, from those just learning to read to adults with advanced degrees. In order to help students identify eBooks that are in their reading level, we’ve assigned a difficulty rating to each one.


Using the program’s differentiated instruction features, educators can tailor reading assignments to the unique requirements of their pupils. By working at their own pace, students benefit from this individualized method.

Comprehension Quizzes

Each e-book is followed by a quiz that tests the reader’s grasp of the material. These exams with fast response help both students and instructors track development and pinpoint problem areas.

Reading Practice

By allowing children to earn stars for their reading and quizzes, Raz-Kids motivates them to read on a regular basis. The stars can be utilized to create a unique avatar and alter the reading environment, making the process more like a game.

Teacher Resources

Lesson planning, printable worksheets, and tools for tracking students’ progress are only some of the pedagogical aids offered by the application. Educators can monitor their students’ progress and pinpoint areas of strength and growth.

Mobile Accessibility

In addition to being available on desktop computers, Raz-Kids may also be accessed on tablets and smartphones by downloading the app. Because of this, students can study whenever they have free time.

Home-School Connection:

One of the features available on Raz-Kids is titled “Kids A-Z,” and it provides children with the ability to read their homework assignments from the comfort of their own homes. This is a great way to encourage reading outside of school!

In order to help youngsters learn to read and improve their reading skills, Raz-Kids is widely utilized in classrooms and other educational institutions. Teachers can use it to better monitor their kids’ progress in reading because of the app’s interactivity, content differentiation, and data tracking features.