YouTube Kids – Everything You Need to Know About the Video Platform for Kids


What Is YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids is a child-friendly version of the popular video-sharing platform YouTube, designed specifically for young audiences. It provides a safer and more controlled environment for children to explore and watch videos online. YouTube Kids was launched by YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, in February 2015.

Key features and aspects of YouTube Kids:

Content Filtering

YouTube Kids uses a combination of automated systems and human reviewers to filter out inappropriate content and ensure that videos are suitable for children. The goal is to provide a safe and age-appropriate experience for young viewers.

Parental Controls: Parents can set up a YouTube Kids account for their children and customize the experience by selecting age-appropriate content and setting time limits for screen time. The app also offers a “Timer” feature to help parents manage how long their children can watch videos.

Age Categories

The content on YouTube Kids is categorized based on age groups, such as “Preschool” and “School Age.” This helps parents find videos that are suitable for their child’s age and interests.

Learning and Educational Content

YouTube Kids features a wide range of educational content, including videos on science, math, language, history, and other subjects. Many creators on the platform specifically produce content aimed at enriching children’s learning experiences.

Channels and Creators

The app allows children to explore videos from trusted channels and creators. YouTube Kids partners with well-known educational organizations and creators to provide high-quality and engaging content.

Content Feedback

Parents can flag inappropriate videos or provide feedback on content that they find unsuitable. YouTube Kids takes user feedback seriously and continually updates its filtering algorithms to improve content curation.

Cross-Platform Availability

YouTube Kids is available as a standalone app on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) for both Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, it can be accessed through some smart TVs and streaming media devices.


YouTube Kids aims to offer a safe and enjoyable video-viewing experience for young children while giving parents the tools they need to supervise and manage their children’s viewing habits. However, it is essential for parents to continue to monitor their children’s online activities and engage in open communication about internet safety and responsible screen time use.