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Sidechick drags husband for lying to her that he’s unmarried and has no kids

A young South African lady who has had her heart broken following the lies of her married lover has taken to the internet to expose and also disgrace him for wasting her time.
According to the lady who is identified on Facebook as Didintle Didi, Maduma Ngloate lied to her that he was single and has no kids when they first met.

She was hoping to spend the rest of her entire life with him only to find out that he was a married man with children.

In her expose, she alleged that it was her friend who informed her that her lover is a married man with kids when she saw them at the restaurant.Didintle threatened to forward all their Whatsapp texts to his wife very soon so that she’ll know of her hubby’s extramarital affairs.

Heartbroken Didintle also swore to make Earth feel like Hell for Maduma for using and dumping her like a bag of trash.

She wrote;

You’ve ruined my true perspective of true love….now I have to start afresh and learn to love, trust and care for someone. You knew you had left your wife at home while wasting my time, you’ll regret ever meeting me….

I’ll make an example of how to deal with a married man with you. You’ve definitely messed with the wrong one. I’ll give you hell right here on earth. I thought you were a respectable man, but I’ve heard about what happened ths past weekend.

My friend was there and saw everything, including your wife tht you’ve been hiding. Your wife Simphiwe will know of me very soon and also the bnb tht we’ve been going to when she’s at work. Now it all makes.