Specs, Expected Price, and News for the Nintendo Switch Pro

The most recent Switch will come in OLED form in late 2021. There is rumor that Nintendo is developing a new model dubbed the Switch Pro even though nothing has been officially disclosed. Since Nintendo hasn’t officially announced such a gadget, it’s unclear what that means, but let’s examine what the rumors have been claiming.

How long till the Nintendo Switch Pro is made available?

Because Nintendo hasn’t made any announcements on the Switch Pro, it’s difficult to predict when or even if it will release. Some experts predict that new hardware won’t likely be available until until March 2023, so we may have a broad release date guide by then.

This can imply that it is premature to anticipate the release of a new model. However, it doesn’t completely rule out the idea.

Price rumors for the Nintendo Switch Pro

There has been no official statement regarding the Switch Pro’s pricing or release date. However, if the OLED model is anything to go by, this Switch will cost more than $350, which is what the 2021 OLED Switch will cost.

It only seems logical to see a price increase, maybe to about $400, with the Switch Pro ostensibly bringing 4K capability and superior performance.

Nintendo Switch Pro Specifications and Features

So what distinguishes this as a Switch Pro in particular? The resolution, battery, and performance are the three main topics that have been covered in the reports that we have seen.

According to rumors, the Switch Pro will support 4K resolution and have an OLED display when docked. This was supposed to come with the 2021 model, but it didn’t. So, with this model, the same myth is being spread once more. And it makes sense, especially if it will be another year before we see this.

We anticipate the Switch Pro’s battery life to be a little bit longer, like with other gadgets. The battery life of the OLED variant is improved from the Switch Lite’s 3-7 hours to about 5-9 hours. Although a significant improvement is not anticipated, even one additional hour would be welcome.

A performance improvement would also be welcomed. According to one leak, the Tegra239 will be the SoC powering it. Everything from load times to gaming in general would go faster thanks to the CPU and storage.

The built-in storage capacity of the OLED Switch is 64 GB, compared to 32 GB for the Switch Lite and regular models. This might be increased once more, but given that the Switch’s current model allows microSD upgrades up to 2 TB, it might not be required.

Like the previous two generations, the Switch Pro is anticipated to include handheld, TV, and tabletop modes. Additionally, we’d want to see audio input capabilities, something the 2021 Switch lacks, so you can utilize a Bluetooth mic for in-game communication.

Written by Timothy Egger

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