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Stephanie Benson Schools Trolls Who Insist She Went Under The Knife, Shares Her Painful Breast Cancer Procedure

UK-based Ghanaian jazz singer Stephanie Benson has replied to some trolls who insist that she went under the knife to get a flat stomach. The troll insisted that Stephanie undergo liposuction surgery to achieve the perfect-looking shape she has now.
However, in a rebuttal, the mother of five decided to educate her haters about the stress and surgical procedure she was forced to undergo after she was diagnosed with cancer.
In a long Facebook post, Stephanie Benson wrote:
“There are some people who show their ignorance and are unapologetically so.” Nanayaa Kwaah
Let me clarify to all who don’t like to read or understand facts.
In 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer, and after my double mastectomy, to reconstruct my breast, the surgeon suggested I gain weight (at least 10kg) to enable him to harvest fat from my stomach and buttock area to reconstruct my breast to a C cup or more after my EE cup breast was removed to save my life. Unfortunately, after 6 months of unhealthy eating, I was only able to put on 5 kg.
The surgeon advised me he would only manage to give me a B cup because there wasn’t sufficient skin and fat to reconstruct my breast and give me a reasonable breast size, but I was happy to go ahead and achieve a resemblance of breasts after my double mastectomy due to cancer.
The surgeon took skin and muscle from my stomach and fat from my bottom to reconstruct my breast. A surgery that came with lots of complications.
Why I chose to have a reconstruction after having an elective mastectomy for cancer was entirely selfish.Not many women get to have that luxury after cancer. Every day, I’m grateful that I had the ability to do so.
In a perfect world, I would love not to have had cancer. I would have loved to have had my original breast. I would have preferred not to have had a life-saving hysterectomy, which, as most women would say, “strips any chance to feel like a woman.”
I had a breast reduction in my pre-cancer years.
My body is made up entirely of muscle and a healthy diet.No one achieves that under the knife. If it makes you happy to think I consciously opted for plastic surgery, the answer is, I could, I can, but I didn’t. That option was taken away from me when cancer came into my life, but it is an option I would never take to achieve the body I think I want.
I breastfed five children, then won the Ms. Figure NASSA Body Building South East, UK 2001, and survived cancer.
I’m not the only one, but I think I did pretty good.