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Unhappy lady calls MTN office over suspension of Zone bundle

Some subscribers of MTN zone bundle are currently facing a hard time affording data to surf the internet after the telecommunication giant suspended the low-cost subscription package.

The decision to suspend the internet data package is yet known but this has sparked a widespread outcry among users of the network with many calling for it to be reintroduced.

As many subscribers continue to lament over the move by MTN, a Ghanaian lady decided to take the bull by the horns as she called the office of the telco to seek answers.

In a hilarious video on her TikTok page, the disgruntled young lady in a conversation with a customer service representative was informed that the MTN zone internet data package was temporarily unavailable due to a technical challenge.

Even though she was informed about other available data packages she could choose from, the lady remained adamant and insisted on the MTN zone bundle.

According to her, the other packages are expensive and don’t last long hence her decision to subscribe to the MTN zone bundle for maximum time.

“Tomorrow is my birthday and I wanted to browse online very early in the morning, so please have mercy on me and bring back the MTN zone bundle,” she said in Twi.

“The *138# data package is inadequate and also the *141# is very expensive, I can’t spend 10 cedis on data package every day. I haven’t eaten this morning”