Friday, April 19, 2024
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Xandy Kamel shares exclusive videos from her traditional wedding ceremony

Actress Xandy Kamel‘s prayer for a new husband has finally come to pass as she ahs taken to the internet to share an exclusive video from her traditional wedding ceremony
Recall that somewhere last year, the report that Xandy Kamel has secretly tied the knot was brought to the fore by controversial Kumawood actor Big Akwes.

In a video that fast circulated on social media, Big Akwes was seen celebrating Xandy Kamel and congratulating her on her supposed new marriage.According to him, Xandy Kamel’s newly-found husband is identified as Kwame Sikanii.

He claimed that he is rich and more responsible than her estranged husband King Kaninja who only came into her life to squander her money.

Big Akwes further revealed the man in question has been giving him money and recounted two occasions where he blessed him with enough money to sort himself out.After close to a month, Xandy Kamel has officially confirmed the news herself.

In a new adorable video that has been spotted on her IG page, Xadny Kamel was adorned in expensive Kente clothes for her traditional wedding ceremony.

Xandy Kamel wore expensive jewels to match her traditional outfit and looked more of a queen than a regular bride.