Don’t waste your time voting for him – Bulldog criticizes Mark Okraku-Mantey’s bid for parliament

Mark Okraku Mantey wants to be a member of parliament in 2024, but artist manager Bulldog says that his constituents shouldn’t vote for him.
Mark Okuraku-Mantey, who is now the Deputy Minister for Tourism and Creative Arts, has revealed his intentions to contest for the Ayensuano parliamentary seat in the Eastern Region on the ticket of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).
However, Bulldog is of the opinion that Mark Okuraku Mantey does not deserve to be in parliament, stating that he has not done enough to warrant the support of his constituents.

“Some of his constituencies should not waste their time voting for him because he will not bring any change. Let me state it here clearly, and I know he will see it. Sitting here, I respect Mark as a person 100%, but when it comes to governance, I won’t even give him zero points minus; he won’t even get it,” he said.

Bulldog has told Mark Okraku that he shouldn’t run for office because he doesn’t have the skills or experience to be a good leader.

“Just being there and looking at the contribution he made, I don’t even need to sit here and talk about Mark’s achievements; there are too many things he didn’t do. He has been in government; what has he done?
“When you criticize him, he will frown and respond by asking why you said anything about him. What is he going to do there? He has tasted governance for four years. What did he do?” he added.

“Someone like him, what is he going to tell his constituency?” “Also, he is lucky that it’s his constituency that he is going to because someone like him can never be president,” he shared.