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UPSA student lashes another over ‘sleeping around’ rumour

A video on the internet tells the story of a student of the University of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA) flogging her colleague over a rumour.

According to the story, the student who was flogged had said her female friend had been sleeping with the lecturers at the University.

The rumour spread across the university as quickly as wildfire.

And to pay her back for alleging she tarnished her reputation, the disgruntled student accosted her after lecturers and flogged her.Instead of the two fighting or probably exchanging slaps, the dominant student overpowered the other and lashed her like a child.

Many who gathered could not tell if it was. Another person disciplined her child for her misbehaviour, or a teacher thrashed a rebellious student.

Well, it was a student flogging another student for a rumour while she said: “Where do you know me?”